Guitar Lessons

The Northumberland Rock and Roll Experience has offered guitar lessons since the summer of 2002 and have taught countless children and adults the enjoyment of the guitar.  Lessons are instructed by musician Mike Woods and are comprised of a 25-chapter course as well as student individual requests.  The program will give students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals in Blues, Rock and Roll, Country, Folk, Metal, Pop, Hard Rock, Reggae and R&B.   Students are required to have their own guitars and all other course material will be provided.   The program is designed so that students will work at their own pace and with a combination of songs they have chosen as well as course material.   The course is taught with guitar tablature and covers many areas of theory as well as famous songs.  Lessons are $20 per half hour session.   Father son / sibling lessons are also available at a cost of $30 per space.  For any inquiries please contact Mike Woods at 905-885-0908. 

The Band Program

In 2008 the band program was introduced and has allowed students the opportunity to become performing musicians.  Once students have been involved in lessons for a period of time opportunities are available to work with other guitarists and potentially in a rock-band atmosphere.  Students in this area of the program learn about the business side of music as well as performing.  Some of these groups have even ended up with original music on iTunes.  You can catch a couple of these bands performing around Northumberland in the form of the rock band “Jack of Hearts” and the duo “Hill and Landing”.